After a long back and huge expectaion Microsoft released its browser Internet Explorer 8 in a great way . Really Microsoft have brought up some cool things to catch up with the competitors FireFox, Chrome,Opera .

Some things which I used and felt good are :

As like Google chrome Incognito window ,here you are provided with some private options.Private blocking helps us to stop the third party cookie transfer and third party ad tracking things.Private Subscription allows "subscribing to lists of sites to block". private browsing will not save browsing and searching history, cookies, form data and passwords; it also will automatically clear the browser cache.

Then regarding to security when the browser identifies a site contains malware . It will throw some alert message on the window, which is really good in protecting our system from malware.

Accelerator is a selection based search technique which comes into picture when we select some part of text in the web page . We are provided with options like sending this text to our blog or searching in the maps etc. This is really cool ,but some what similar to the functionality of Google tool bar.

Automatic crash recovery : Suppose when your browser crashed in the middle of viewing some web pages , we no need to worry now the IE is capable of remembering the web pages and will restore once we restart it . This is some thing which is very famous in firefox and lacking in IE before.

As like the add on Firebug for firefox , IE came up with inbuilt option for web developers to track their front end code .

Even though many of their features are copied from the competitors , IE 8 will surely hit the browser market in a great way.

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