When we came to know the final destination 4 (3D) gonna get released in Imax prasads ,we just booked it without any second thought.To be simple, our expectations were seemingly high to watch such a thriller in big screen. To feel the complete thrill we thought of going it for 08/06/09 11:00 PM show . We reached theatre well in advance ,so that we won't miss the IMAX majestic promo intro video .To our surprise there is no such a booming sound or digital frames or their all time announcement ,instead we got a frame before us stating "The film you gonna see is not an IMAX version ". Oh God it sucks man.

To talk about Final Destination 4 ,there is no change in bottom line its same and clear i.e., 'You can't cheat death' .Other than that its quite interesting same type of accidents ,visions and thrilling deaths ending with no survivors . Besides big credit should goto sound mix and graphical effects .To be short this is "Just a same thriller with different subjects" .

Few words on Imax prasads .Its always great when you watch Imax version films in Imax screen .My list is not that much big ,but with Dark knight ,Kungfu Panda ,Madagascar 2, Transformers I am always a big fan of IMAX .But when they projected this normal FD4 print to IMAX screen it was something like watching downloaded theater print of new films .Hope IMAX prasads won't disappoint their fans in future.

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