It was nearly one year two months over after I landed my first foot in Hyderabad .To be frank I just can't believe where these 400 days gone ,it seems like yesterday I joined my company UOL (JUNO) as a fresher . In the past one year I can only recollect few things they are some trip with college friends ,new cool friends in Juno , Office TT board , Server Ops team alerts ,Exceed eclipse windows ,Mails , Restaurants etc. Some few places which I will remember as part of my last one year life is .

Ramoji Film City :

It was way outside the city , we had a chance to go there when some of my college friends hit Hyderabad .It was during summer we visited there ,temp of around 40 C , gang of around 25 we really rocked there . According to us the best of all was stunt show,games ,dance,night decorations etc.If you where in Hyderabad atleast once you should have visit there specially during their season time .

Shamsabhad Airport :

The first place which I saw in Hyderabad ,well constructed outside the city . The road to Airport is my favourite ,I love to go for long bike drive there . It was only once I went there for purpose ,but other than that it was just for fun drive.

Restaurant HUB : There is always a soft link between us and Hub . Atleast once in a week we will go to HUB ,if we miss that there is something definitely wrong. When there is no food in house or office canteen just call HUB for family pack .

Its not just possible to list all of my favourite places in Hyderabad by just a single post. It needs more.

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