Clever people tend to lose their common sense very often . This is what I can say at the end and console myself .

I was busy with my work and doing some things useful by checking some production issues .In the meanwhile I don't know what I clicked ? But it lead to my navigation bar getting disappeared in my browser . I didn't notice that entire navigation bar is missing , I just felt address bar alone missing . With urgency I just restarted the browser with the hope of getting it back , but it was missing . Suddenly some instinct said me as such this may be a big bug in firefox 3.0.7 so I uninstalled that version and installed the new one . To prove my instinct as false again it is not displaying the address bar . I don't know what the hell is happening there ?

Then I asked some of my nearby colleagues by just saying "my address bar alone missing " . Eventhough they are clever , they can't answer this foolish question ?
Then only my waste brain started working and scolded me like a dog ? why you didn't google it ? .Yup I rectified my mistake and googled " firefox browser address bar missing " . I just got one line answer goto view -> toolbar -> select navigation bar , thats it. I got my navigation bar back.

Matter of two clicks wasted my one hour in fixing that stupid one and 10 minutes in writing this useless post.

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