My working environment is something Interesting and funny , logging into remote servers ,digigng inside web logs , source codes etc . Nobody in our team of 3 , clearly knows how many modules we have in our application ,why that server running ? why that db breaks ? .To add this we have code of 1000 files each consisting around 1000 lines, without even a line of documentation . Eventhough it looks tough , it is really interesting to look at the code written by some great coders and understanding .

So whenever a new issue comes ,we start digging the code . Will go to the source code root directory and execute the command grep -r -i "keyword" ~/free ,which will return some 100's of files containing that particular key word , if that fails need to go for egrep, fgrep , pipe etc . From the result of around 100 files we need to get to the core function where exactly the error comes . Without this grep function I can't even imagine my work .

Some times we will be provided with a file name causing the error ,but not the path .So there comes this command find path -iname "filename" . Yes this will search for a file with the name mentioned in filename part in the directory mentioned in path in a recursive way and give the list .

Yes from the set of commands I use . This two commands ranks top . To say better they are like a God showing the path to me

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