The following are the words in the Mozilla home page ,which really touched my heart and made me to create this post .

What is organic software according ?

As software companies go, we’re a little unusual. We use the term ‘organic software’ to sum up the various ways we’re different from the other guys:

Our most well-known product, Firefox, is created by an international movement of thousands, only a small percentage of whom are actual employees.

We’re motivated by our mission of promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the web rather than business concerns like profits or the price of our stock (guess what: we don’t even have stock).

And as a non-profit, public benefit organization, we define success in terms of building communities and enriching people’s lives. We believe in the power and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere.

Another reason what they are saying for going as open source is really cool ?

This might sound crazy at first, but bear with us: we believe that the more people who know our “secrets”, the better.

So, we exposed the Firefox source code – the very nuts & bolts of what makes it all work – to the world and encouraged everyone to have a look.

Some people saw things to improve and made the fixes. Others had ideas for new features and made them happen. And others yet took that code, applied their own innovations and built completely new (and amazing) products.

The moral of the story? Being open means good things will happen. Anyone can peek behind our curtains…in fact, there really aren’t any curtains at all.

These where the things I found in their web page.
But how they get the money ,to pay those few employees ?
The answer is Google , wonder how ?
Mozilla Corporation makes all that money because of the Google Search box on the top right. If you search with that box (which I do all day long) and you click on the Google ads on the results page Firefox gets ~80% of that. They also have Amazon in the search box, and other services that I'm sure kick them back some affiliate fees. Brilliant.

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