Finally the long awaited Google chrome addons got released . There are quite a good number of add ons available now .But be sure you don't overload your browser with many number of addons and don't lose the simplicity of Google chrome look. So I want to be more selective in my add ons list. As a normal web surfer I need addons for (gmail alert,ymail alert,twitter ,facebook,google wave, google reader,side wiki ,x mark, RSS subscription etc ).

But when I see myself as software engineer in my office PC I just can't go and install all those .So here is the list for few of those specially for web app based software engineer .

1) One Number - Check GMail, Google Reader, Google Voice, and Google Wave. Four sources, one number.
2) PosMeter - This extension check positions of current web page in Google, Bing and
3) RSS Subscription Extension - Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar
4) ShowIP - Shows your current IP address
5) Speed Tracer (by Google) - Get insight into the performance of your web applications.
6) Google Sidewiki - Contribute and read helpful information next to any webpage.
7) Firebug Lite - Using firebug lite on Google Chrome. Originaly made by Firebug Team
8) Chrome SEO -The Google Chrome SEO Extension. Make you daily Search Engine Optimization tasks easier in Chrome.

Who Knows in near future I may be a full time user of Google Chrome browser..........

Chrome Keep Rocking !!!!!!!!! Try to have some fade in fade out bar for all this addons.

in reference to: Google chrome extensions - Google Search (view on Google Sidewiki)

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