Even sometimes Google search goes into exception with unexpected results. If you feel so, then please run your query on the following table and get confirmed it as an optimized query.

The following table summarizes how Google interprets your query.

Search BehaviorsDescriptions
Implicit ANDGoogle returns pages that match all your search terms. Because you don't need to include the logical operator AND between your terms, this notation is called an implicit AND.
Explicit OROR(Caps) or | operators can be used explicitly to intimate Google, to search for either of this alternative in web page.
Exact MatchingGoogle returns pages that match your search terms exactly. it cannot search for word inexpensive television when you search for cheap tv

Word Variation
Automatic Stemming

Google returns pages that match variants of your search terms.
Common-Word ExclusionGoogle ignores some common words called “stop words,” e.g., the, on, where, and how. Stop words tend to slow down searches without improving results.
32-Word LimitGoogle limits queries to 32 words.
Term ProximityGoogle gives more priority to pages that have search terms near each other.
Term OrderGoogle gives more priority to pages that have search termsin the same order as the query.
Case InsensitivityGoogle is case-insensitive; it shows both upper- and lowercase results.
Ignoring PunctuationGoogle ignores most punctuation and special characters including , . ; ? [ ] ( ) @ / * < >

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