Finally we placed an order for our laptop on April 07 2010 and got the mail saying the lap will be delivered within 7 ~ 10 working days. Thinking about 'we' ? yeah it is my friend who also wants to purchase same lapppyyy.On April 09 2010 we checked the online status of our order, it stated 'Manufactring Build Completed' and estimated delivery date was May 05 2010. First we were shocked why the hell dell needs this many days , whether they gonna import from some other galaxy ! .Then our week end came, . Suddenly on Sunday the thought crossed in my mind and tried checking the status again. Now its even worse the whole day what I saw was 'SERVICE UNAVAILABLE' page from DELL .Wow!! guess what ? all sites will leave their contact/customer support page down even when their back end server breaks ??

Its monday now , with great hope checked again ! To prove Luck favours the brave :) got our estimated delivery date to April 15 2010 .So we thought its just 3 more days to open the new lappy . Now its tuesday afternoon 02:15 PM, a call from reception saying 'you got your laptop'. Oh man thats really speeeedddy Dell rocksss !.Ok me and my friend planned to take the lap home now . So just went to PL for asking permission of 30 mins. I don't know why I told this ? just like normal lies said I am going out for bank will be back in 30 mins. To my surprise he asked me a favour to drop a cheque in his account :):(:( . Oh man what is this ???!!!! Fine lets do it no way of escaping , first went to bank and deposit the cheque then to be continued >>>>

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