When I am writing this post , I was parallely browsing on what laptop to buy . For the last two weeks I am just checking with my colleagues and friends on it. Most of them asked me to go for DELL, so finally I am planning to buy DELL Inspiron. The model S541217IN8 is the one which perfectly suits my requirement more importantly my budget. Even this was advertised saying 35,900 (Including Taxes) in Dell site what I finally get in check out page is nearly 3000 plus.

The fun here is I continued my checkout with shipping address , billing etc hoping they will ask my CC number so that I can stop . To my wonder I got my order placed with different billing type. Luckily till now I didn't get any call from them :) . DELL please ignore my order as of now .

I have been checking is there any way to buy this same piece from US, but as of now it nowhere seems close. I don't know whats am gonna do next ? so my post also stops here.

Oh man what a targeting advertisement is this. I see the same model DELL ad in my both google ads. Hurray Google rocks....

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