For the last one year it was maximum of 20 commands I should have issued in linux boxes and most of the time might have ended with PERMISSION DENIED error. But its been last one month or so, I had some good time with linux. To be frank first I felt little tough, but when it started moving it was awesome. Even though I cannot tell myself as a perfect linux administrator, I am a good linux user. This all started on a day when I just got sudo permission in one of the dev box.There I started installing Perl, PHP ,APache etc. Eventhough most of the time it is just YUM , I got little in my pocket .

The real stuff started when I was asked to install Grsecurity and sbox in the machine . To do Grsecurity it asked me to compile a kernel with Grsecurity patch. First I felt like this things need to be done by great geeks , but finally after following the steps given in LINUX NUT SHELL I too did it. Then loaded grsecurity patched kernel, and tested few of our application. But finally my search came to end only after writing LKM (Loadable Kernel Modules) for over writing few system calls . This is the place where I felt the real flavor of linux .

My dream on this linux world still continues. Once I complete my project I guess I can say myself as linux administrator. Passionately waiting for that day .

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