The day I remeber my first three lines of code ran in the production and created some value to my company . My first one was not a big project , it was just a three line fix to the existing code . It was an afternoon , after finishing the lunch and spending some time with friends in terrace came back to my place and checked the mail . My PL just sent me a perl file of 2000 lines and asked me to just look at it . To be frank I don't know about perl much that time . I was just trying to go through with the help of google , thinking that they just want me to understand this and nothing more . Then after ten minutes , I got one more mail stating that this is a cron script which runs every day night and gives the statistics of download of a particular client in an excel sheet .

They also mentioned that it was put in production on jan 15 2008 and running successfully till October 31 2008 ,but after that it failed continously for 6 days . They just asked me to find the reason , why it failed ? Oh God My first work was given in a language , using which I have never written even a line of code before that . I was guessing something , may be because of the month part changing from single digit to double digit may cause this problem , or even funnier that there is no download took place for those seven day so no stas got created etc .I was trying to see the lines containing date manipulations and look at it . To my goodness after 30 mins I got a call from my PL stating that in the line no 380 ,some duplicate ids are causing the problem you make a fix to avoid the duplicate . Thanks God one line of regex and two lines of if else loop fixed the bug .

" Eventhough it is not a big fix or innovation, the first project always stands in our mind for a long time ". I am sure am an exception to those and will surely forget this soon ,so only thought of making this as a post to make myself remember this for my life time . From that 3 lines everything started ...........

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