The day before each semester exam is the day that all engineering students will remember for their whole life ,with some fun filled exciting thrills . The day when we get to know the full name of the subject? The day when we see the text book for the first time? The day when we will feel little fear and think of arrears ,placements ,future ,dreams ,goals, life ,xyz ,zyx allstupid things which never disturbed us for the past six months. The day where we really work but for the hell sake everything sucks beyond our work and plan . Whatever we study before the day of Exam, everything is less useful on the day of exam .At the day of judgment everybody will fight till the last second , not because they learned some important points and don't want to waste them without writing, its only for filling some crap till the papers end so that some real professors will feel that this guy has got something to get pass.

This was my first semester in college life: I still remember the study holidays,where I managed to study a bit. Every subject can be managed easily at the eleventh hour, but not that stupid Engineering Maths . It needs some special brilliant guy like Ranjith to change that real unchangeable thought to a really stupid one. With his help ,around 10 guys of our wing got the subject cleared. Those days our racks were filled with books ,Where our only thoughts are to clear the subjects.We study independently & sleep well during exams previous night, finally end up checking the stupid answers with our friends. After seeing the result, we found that writing semester exam is nothing but giving halwa. The second semester is slightly different,with number of books in rack reduced to two ,started group studies with friends ,but regarding maths same fun, only Ranjith will decide our result . I still remember the group study with madurai(Karthik) for Basics of EEE and C++. I saw the definition of real spirit, dedication, enthu, sincerity etc from that guy only for that semester.

The Second year of our life: Where everybody started feeling as geth seniors, as a result no studies ,nothing ,which lead us to set some great records in arrears and start of some special classes for the first time in the history of GCT .Thanks to
our faculty who took very much care on us and gave little option to study and big chance for guys and gals to put kadalai freely in the department under the name of group study. Many of our classmates should be where very thankful to mam.

The fifth and sixth semester where really super ,everybody started feeling that semesters are nothing but one night stand. No body will have text book with them , only xerox & even that too one unit. The days where our gang started developing (Thamim, Baas , Peter ,Supni ,Thala ). The motto of our gang is 'Whatever is the size of the book, read only heading, subheading and keywords, especially diagrams but never leave a title untouched in the book'. This motto really worked well and everybody got cleared with some decent percentage . Since our party shown very good success in those semesters many copied our motto.we felt really happy on our followers but our geth gang needs something unique and distinct ,so we came up with some new motto for the legendary final year.

The motto is simple " xerox only index page of book & don't waste the money , if really needed attach two or three white papers and use them for formulas and diagrams.To be honest, this motto is far more successful and attractive. There at the
end of college we came to know that how talented guys we are ? how brilliant we are ?. Finally our gang came out of college with the name of dedicated hardworking brilliant GCT students. We are very much thankful to the guys Santhosh, Gokul, Naveen, Balaji, Paramesh etc who helped us in background to get this valuable name ,In order to thank them I specially dedicate this post for those guys. The Only thing I felt sad at the end is I missed GOLD medal by an inch. Oh! God why not me?

Some special persons and their fancy semester moments are to be.........................

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