Reason Why Google Developed Browser and why they made it as open source:

As everybody clearly knows the web applications evolved very rapidly, comparing to the browser platform. It was few years back the Gtalk is only available through the desk top client, like wise even now many web applications cannot function within browser, they need some special client to be installed and run, so this things seems somewhat problem for Google, the reason is they got many interesting applications but not sure whether the browsers always give the right result at great speed. So there they started initiative to develop a browser with more functionality and high-speed .The reason why they put as open source is? They want the browser world to evolve very faster to catch up the web world, which eventually will help the google to dominate further. They internally consider that revenue they will get in browser is meager compare to their web applications. And it is damn belief that when the particular thing is free and available as open source it ll evolve at light speed.

Reason why they named as Google Chrome:

The word Chrome normally stands for all the frames and tool bars, which constitute the Browser window. Google when they first planned to design a browser the first thing they kept in their mind was the success of their search engine, as all knows the success is not only because of its efficient search techniques, its also because of simplicity of their home page .So there they decided our browser should give user, the feel that they are completely free from the annoying toolbars, address bars, searchbar, buttons etc, in simple they want their browser to be damn simple (in deep they want their users to concentrate only on things they really want, not on their browser) .

Some Interesting Things in Google Chrome are:

* Faster execution of JavaScript’s comparing to others using their special JVM 8.
* Presence of Incognito Windows, where the browser history will not be stored.
* New Page or New tab Opened with some history on our previous surfs.
* Creation of desktop shortcut for web applications such as Gmail, Orkut etc
* Ability to import the settings from other browsers.
* Combination of Address and search bars (really interesting)
* Ability to combine and dispatch tabs and windows
* Simpler Interface design
* Running each tab as a separate process
* Ability to open the task manager with shortcut of shift+esc
* Minimizing and Maximizing the bookmarks bar using ctrl + b

What I fEEl on Google Chrome From its experience ?:

* Uses the same memory as like other browsers
* Even when one tab fails all the tabs get crashed (iam not sure what is the reason)
* Many times the plugins failed
* Youtube video processing take some breaks in the middle.
* Execution of JavaScript’s is faster which i felt very clearly in my experience
* We hope that these simple errors will be avoided in the release of main product
* Shockwave flash plugin fails mostly in Gtalk Groupchat page
* To conclude Google Chrome,"It is very powerful, simple in design, but sometimes cause headaches"

Read about Google Chrome in comics style:
See the video of Google Chrome Announcement:
Download Google Chrome V8 Java script engine code:

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