It was a month before coming to hyderabad , my investigation started on Hyd, searched google ,google earth and all those stuffs ,finally wat I found is really cool and interesting things( really i don't have words to say) i.e., some bomb blasts ,bomb threats are common there , ( in one blog I read hyderabad is next Jammu & Kashmir). Oops...............!
I prayed to God ,"Pls God if my life ends ,let it be for some good things not to these simple bombs".
Then with some hope , My dream journey began to Hyderabad from Chennai by July 12 11:15Am,through flight (thanx to reimbursement of JUNO).Before starting I phoned my friends (who were in Hyd)to come and receive me in Airport, I was sure they will be there at least half and hour before my arrival (because one of the guy among them is very punctual, he'll never miss time).
Around 12:45 Air-Hostess announced ,
"Flight 'll be landed in Hyderabad in a short while pls all fasten your belts" .
Through that window, I was searching outside where is Hyderabad? where it is? ,but I didn't even saw one building out there.I felt being in Arabian desert and I saw some buffaloes, waste land around there.

Then I moved with my things with the blind hope that the punctual guys 'll be waiting for me for longtime.
I switched on my mobile it said
"Emergency calls only",
I was stunned "Oh! my God there is not even mobile towers here ,wat a nice place I got to work?".
Then only I came to know that damn Aircel has no network coverage outside TamilNadu. Then I took one airtel sim which i had it in my purse and started using .
My bad luck is I got only 3 rupees balance in it.I don't know Wat to do? Whether to call my dad and ask him to recharge or call to those punctual guys to know where they are?. Finally I called my dad to recharge it ,now my balance is 0.00. I don't know wat to do?. So I got a mobile from a stranger and tried to give a missed call to punct guys, as guys were punctual they didn't even allow a ring ,attended it, suddenly without any idea me too cut that call. I don't know wat to say to that guy(asked for giving a missed call but finally??), my goodness he didn't mind about that.
Then they made a call and said
"Machi sorry da we are not able to come ,its too far we slept da"
( I expected this things from those punctual guys,and said 'k you dogs i ll come and see you).
Ada paavigala apadinu sollitu Radio cab pakkam pona avan 500 rs nu sonnan. Auto was k they said 300 rs and i took that .Nearly after 1hr 45 min I reached the hotel. I was thinking wat a pity? It took only 1 hr for me to reach Hyd from Chennai, but 1hr 45 min for reaching hyderabad city from airport
The traffic in hyderabad was horrible , no check post ,no traffic constable,not even signals and it needs some special talent to drive in Hyderabad.Then in hotel, I planned to order lunch in the hotel, but my colleagues who was already there said ,"Pls check the menu before you order", so I saw the menu, every item they had was very nice , I don't know wat to order finally i saw the price and said that items are not good enough(Chi Chi intha palam pullikum). (I understood why he asked me to check the menu ,i said thanks to them).
Then my friends came and said," Get ready da we are going to Jaane tu Ya Jaane na hindi film".But you see my fate I can read and write Hindi well but i don't know even some basic meanings.
They said "Don't worry da! We ll explain ! Get ready!"

Then we went to Hyderabad central for lunch ,there we were trying to cross a road it took around 10 mins .In the mean time we saw many ppls(all aged) crossing very easily ,just by showing the hands on the side. There we learned how to cross this traffic roads. The most worrying things are we don't get bus frequently ,the main mode of transport is share auto( its good that cost nearly equals bus,and it is more frequent and flexible).

Then I think we took 3 autos and a bus to reach theater talki town in Miapur.The way how they named the places are very interesting see madhapur Gontapur,miapur etc and hyderabad,secundarabad,cyberabad... There in theatre, I felt that Hyderabad is very cool and colorful, but to prove the terror face of hyderabad ,wherever you go you 'll be checked like a terrorist.

The film was superb, except me everybody enjoyed ,(whenever some one laughs I too did the same,because nearby me a gal i don't want to reveal myself that I don't know hindi- prestige issue ).Then the film somehow got over(i was badly waiting for it to end,but to be honest the film was nice I guessed from the video not from audio) .
Then our Deshaw guys gave treat for their first month salary in Ginger court near Madhapur(the hotel looked pretty good) ,I thought
"Wow! this is the right place to taste the Hyderabad Biryani(lets go and rock it )" We started with some decent starters(some chicken and fish items -ya it was really nice), then we got into the main item with some special briyani's( to be frank there is nothing in it, we just felt like vomiting, white rice with some half cooked mutton, and some spices- it cost's around 200 but to be frank it is worth only for 10 rs),then we switched to desserts(had nice ice creams)and finally returned room around 12 am .There we played some computer games and slept (Dream day ended nicely).To be honest I felt ,"Hyderabad as sweet killer" -from my first day experience.

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