Definition: People search engines will help you identify people more easier and efficient than other search engines.If you just give the mail id of the person you want to know , their biography is in your hand.

Yeah man its really cool . These business people are always clever and simple , no need to develop some complex algo to rock this world ,just use your common sense .This is what motto of and , these guys didn't develop any clever search engine algorithm to develop this site they just innovated from the existing ones.

Their algorithm is simple get members most used mail id and his password,import all his contacts and search those mail ids in the major public social networking sites and aggregate the result in a clever and intersting way . I just tried my mail id and saw really good result ,which even google cannot produce . Here people cannot complain of thieir privacy ,because they track and report things which are already available in the net as public one.

The big part is ,it gonna revolutionize the new entire tartgetted marketing world . By having your mail id ,the marketing agency can find your interest, hobbies ,habit ,everything and hit you at right time with right product. This technology is very young to the market , but sure its gonna create a new revolution in internet.

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