Common guys! its right time for us to chill this summer . Get the IPL season 2 time table right into your office PC outlook .

Every cricket fan in India knows that there is no better way to celebrate quality family time than to watch the DLF Indian Premier League every evening, on every single day for 2 months this summer.

Follow the below steps, Don't miss out a single match:

1. Download the IPL_2009.ics calendar file from here Download
2. Open up Microsoft Outlook and from the File menu select Import and Export.
3. From the next menu, select Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file (.vcs).
4. Select the IPL_2009.ics calendar file and upload.
5. The tournament schedule will now be available in your Outlook Calendar.

Hope you all have a great time watching IPL and Cheer Leaders .

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