The word recession is getting more serious and popular nowadays . It was in the past that software engineers are cool lads with handful of money and fun ,but now things are completely different its all because of this 9 letter word(RECESSION) .

Many companies have come up with some handy techniques such as increased work time , cutting the pay , canceling on site opportunities etc to suppress this recession . But it seems nowhere helpful to maintain their economy . so all this leading companies ( TCS,INFOSYS,WIPRO,SATYAM etc) have come out with this most dangerous tool "LAYOFF" . This will not be used by them in public , it will be all under private with the name 'under performance ' . So IT pros try to prove your value to the company else we will be ending somewhere.

We all know about the Infosys announcement on Sabbatical leave:
Infosys offering Sabbatical Leave for Philanthropic Activities to its employees
Everybody knows internally that it was a type of layoff to overcome this recession in a decent way . At least they will give some salary for employees and some where some poor people will get benefited .

But now INFOSYS has no way to go except direct layoff . So thats what happened in the last month under cover .Till now at least 1500 employees including team leads and project managers have been shown the exit door. This whole exercise being termed as a yearly appraisal activity where under performers are forcefully made to sign their ready made resignation forms. By April-09 end at least 2500 infosys employees would be rendered jobless. All this is being done in a discreet and phased manner which is kept as a top secret even to some of the top management officials. For further news click here

So this is the final verdict . We can't blame those companies for layoff , its we need to prove our value and importance to the company and stay ahead in the race.

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