This question can be well answered by only people of OpenDNS. According to them they say the only advantage is faster, but they list too many of disadavantages. Some of them are
1) No dashboard control in Google Public DNS:
When you use OpenDNS, you get the Dashboard controls to manage your experience the way you want for you, your family or your organization.
2) Ad-redirection may happen in future :
Currently many DNS server on failure redirect you to search page . But Google public DNS e claims that this service is better because it has no ads or redirection. But you have to remember they are also the largest advertising and redirection company on the Internet.
3) Google will rule the future world :
From Chrome OS at the bottom of the stack to Google Search at the top, it is becoming an end-to-end infrastructure all run by Google, the largest advertising company in the world. I prefer a heterogeneous Internet with lots of parties collaborating to make this thing work as opposed to an Internet run by one big company.

Google DNS is faster for International users especially . They ran a script to contact Google DNS and other open DNS and compared the results.
Results are in ms

DNS Results (India)


DNS Results (NewYork)

To know more about the scripts and more comparison please click here .

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