Quick Look on New Google Web Master Tool:

I guess this new version of Google web master tool gonna send big threat to many SEO companies. Whenever we go for optimization to SEO companies ,the first thing they will ask is your credit card number and tell some craps . But now we no need to goto those guys and lose our hard earned money. All the things whatever we need to do for optimization will be reported in this new web master tool .

In genereal the SEO guys will get bunch of money and reply us saying few of those things.

1) These are the url's giving 404 error which needs to be customized .
2) Your robots.txt needs to be changed like this ,
2) Meta keyword is not unique and consistent( Nowadays we no need to worry about keywords of our html pages)
3) Meta description shoul be long enough
4) URL Confusion ( http://gazolinia.blogspot.com and http://gazolinia.blogspot.com/index.html)
5) Use css and divs instead of tables
6) Use unique title tags ,etc

Now all this options and even more are available in this latest google web master tools for free.

Top search queries, ( For what keywords your site is displayed and at what position)
Crawl errors (404,302 all things )
Links to your site ( which are all the site share your link on their site )
HTML suggestions (Meta description,Title tag analysis etc)

The bloggers can just have his feed address registered as site map to web master tool and do all the optimizations at just one click ,without even spending a penny to SEO companies . Common guys start creating account to Google web master tools.

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