The wisdom you get from this world is much , but other than this there are some little funny entertainments are available.

1) Even LKG boys and gals will goto school on saturdays, but never the real software engineers.
2) you will get some really good emails daily, if you want to spend the whole day you can spent time by just reading those mail and forwarding it
3) Will get big salary for the little work we do .
4) If you have gals in your team , you can flirt under the name of discussions and team interaction .
5) Can use the office phone to call all your friends , to whom you have never called from your mobile phone.
6) Under the name of relaxation can spend max of your time near coffee machines ,coke machines all at free of cost .
7) You always say this software life is boring , but when somebody ask you to quit you will never do so.
8) 90 % of your work will be done by google , rest 10 % of mailing ,reporting alone need to be done by you.
9) Eventhough you are not doing anything useful to the company , can sit in the office till 12 and go home and say oh God it sucks man !
10) Finally you will get some good gal as your life partner ( This was a year back ,but now ???? ).

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