Step 1) Google web Master tool:

Use google web master tool to get your blog indexed in google atonce . Because 80 % of your blog traffic will be coming from major search engines like Google.

Step 2) Google Adsense :

If you are going to get some good traffic to your blog , there is nothing wrong in setting up adsense account for your blog. Don't try cheating google by false clicking it by yourself or by your friends .

Step 3) Don't copy:

Never copy some content from some other web sites and put in your blog ,never its gonna be helpful . Try posting some unique content which is the only source to attract the mass public.

Step 4) Blog Directories :

You can register your blog into some famous blog directories such as blog catalog ,technorati etc. Besides there are many free search engine submission sites available , please make use of it.

Step 5) Play with your template :

Its always good to make your look of your blog distinct. Never use the available themes or some common themes which you will found in the net . Try playing with your template after backing it up. Change various parameters and play surely you will be coming out with a new template .

Step 6) Submit your article :

Whenever you feel some of your article is good ,submit it in , delicious or soem interesting article submission sites which will drive immense traffic to your site.

Step 7) Feeds and Social Book marking links :

The Feed set up and social bookmarking links are very much important to your blog . Remember only repeated users and interesting content only give you higher probability of ad revenue.

Step 8) Google Analytics :

Register your blog with google analytics , etc .Use the statistics you receive from them to improve your site analysis capabilities .Know how people are interacting with your site ? , from where exactly they come , how long they stay in your site etc.

Step 9) Search Engine Optimization :

This is one of the very important handy technique to get good result from your blog. Many free SEO optimization sites are available , try using them .In general Keep some good meta tag , meta description ,avoid broken tag etc are the basic SEO tips .

Step 10) Participate in public forums and build relationship with bloggers :

Whenever you find some interesting discussion on blogger ,participate in it and post your views .This will give you more traffic and more friends to help your blog grow more faster .

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