The whole world started looking at him very early in his life . When every other teen agers of his time racing games and gals , he raced towards music . Many of them felt that this guy gonna bring some thing special to Indian music. But we never expected that he will bring this much legendary pride to our nation, that too very early in his carreer .It was very common feel in India ,that winning Oscars is very tough never even possible by an Indian .To all those nightmares big end came in OSCAR 2009 ,when AR went to the stage and got those two awards and uttering few words "I just want to thank again the whole crew of Slumdog Millionaire, especially Danny Boyle for giving such a great opportunity. And the whole, all the people from Mumbai. The essence of the film which is about optimism and the power of hope in the lives, and all my life I had a choice of hate and love. I chose love and I'm here. God bless. "His love towards Tamil is always stupendous . When he said "ELLAPUGHALUM IRAIVANUKAE" (All pride to God) in Tamil , every tamilan would have felt that pride internally.The thing I felt that time can never be said in words .

Many changes we saw in his music , in his hair style ,everywhere except his humbleness. So as of all he is one of my ever green role model in my life . I feel really proud to live in his legendary ERA .I want to see him winning more Oscars , and show the world a new way of music.

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