These editors may seem to be out dated ,but even now many companies use this editors . So its better to know some of the basic commands used there.

General Startup
To use vi: vi filename
To exit vi and save changes: ZZ or :wq
To exit vi without saving changes: :q!
To enter vi command mode: [esc] Counts
A number preceding any vi command tells vi to repeat that command that many times.

Cursor Movement
h move left (backspace)
j move down
k move up
l move right (spacebar)
[return] move to the beginning of the next line
$ last column on the current line
0 move cursor to the first column on the current line
H move cursor to the top of the screen
M move cursor to the middle of the screen
L move cursor to the bottom of the screen

r replace character under cursor with next character typed
R keep replacing character until [esc] is hit
i insert before cursor
a append after cursor
A append at end of line
O open line above cursor and enter append mode

x delete character under cursor
dd delete line under cursor
dw delete word under cursor
db delete word before cursor

Code yy (yank)'copies' line which may then be put by the p(put) command. Precede with a count for multiple lines.

Command brings back previous deletion or yank of lines, words, or characters
P bring back before cursor
p bring back after cursor

Find Commands
? finds a word going backwards
/ finds a word going forwards

Miscellaneous Commands
. repeat last command u undoes last command issued
U undoes all commands on one line

Line Editor Mode
Any commands form the line editor ex can be issued upon entering line mode.
To enter: type ':' To exit: press[return] or [esc]

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