I recommend people to read the post only if they know the basics of web analytics else you can just go through without understanding .

As all we know the success of google Adsense is mainly because of Targetted ads .i.e, based on the content of our web page they will display the ads .

I thought that they use the same information from the google search robot for targetting , But that's not the right thing they have some special crawler called google media partner which crawls the page specially for adsense targetting .

So whenever you calculate page views for your site from your server logs ,you should be very careful in avioding the page view and hits from these crawlers to get the exact count .

This adsense crawler Google Media partner when crawling the web page ,if it finds sentence similar to "PLEASE CLICK MY ADS" in the web page content . You are in big trouble !!!! Your adsense account may be blocked . So be clever while trying to cheat google.

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