Yeah I know this word CAPTCHA is very catchy . But the spammers really hate this word , even we normal web surfers sometimes . Wanna know why ? Yes this catchy word stops the spammers from doing automated signups in many web servers . This is something what we see at the end of signup page , a small image with some letters printed on it in a really mad way ,where we need to identify and put it in the text box to complete the sign up.

Wanna learn in detail about this CAPTCHA check out this wiki link .

Yes this CAPTCHA is really cool ,untill and unless we stuck with some situation , like when we do some urgent signups or posting some captcha's will really suck ,we can't even identify whether it is a small s or capital S or 8 etc ? Oh pity even this can be spared ,but see the above stupid CAPTCHA and guess them .

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