The launch of the People's Car by Tata Motors is a defining moment in the history of India's automotive industry. Ratan Tata's dream comes true .He dedicates this car to all middle class people to throw their scooters out.
It was never meant to be a Rs1-lakh car; that happened by circumstance. I was interviewed by the [British newspaper] Financial Times at the Geneva Motor Show and I talked about this future product as a low-cost car. I was asked how much it would cost and I said about Rs1 lakh. The next day the Financial Times had a headline to the effect that the Tatas are to produce a Rs100,000 car. My immediate reaction was to issue a rebuttal, to clarify that that was not exactly what I had said. Then I thought, I did say it would be around that figure, so why don't we just take that as a target. When I came back our people were aghast, but we had our goal. Comparison with its own MARUTI 800
Engine 623 cc 796cc
Power 33ps 37ps
Mileage 20 km/l 18 km/l
Style good Normal
Cost Rs 1 Lakh Rs 1.87 Lakh
Spacing more Comparitively less
The features can be summed up as follows:- .
All sheet-metal body, strong passenger compartment ,
intrusion-resistant doors . seat belts . strong seats and anchorages .
tailgate glass bonded to the body . tubeless tyres .
lower pollution level than two-wheelers being manufactured in India . rear-wheel drive . all-aluminium, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine .
performance controlled by a specially designed electronic engine management system . length: 3.1 meters . width: 1.5 meters . height: 1.6 meters . 4 seats . 4 doors
From MAHINDRA YENI Rs 1.3 Lakh Car Learn More.....

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