Page Rank Algorithm of Google

One of the most common questions we hear from librarians is "How does Google decide what result goes at the top of the list?" Here, from quality engineer Matt Cutts, is a quick primer on how we crawl and index the web and then rank search results. Matt also suggests exercises school librarians can do to help students.
Try this practical example to make your site indexed by google
1) Open google account for google page creator
(Design a web page of your favourites )
2) Open account for web master tool in google
(Link your site here and do verification and add sitemaps then your site will get indexed in google within few days )
3)Open account for web analytics
(using this we can have history of our site)

1)How does google search engine work?
2)Suffix Tree-Fastest String searching algorithm

3)Ternary Search Tree-Fastest Searching and best method for Dictionary implementation

Common Links about SE
Common Serach Engine working Algorithm

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